"Helping people of all abilities to reach their full potential"

Welcome to Little Grubbs Orchard, we provide specialised early years support programs, with a comprehensive range of innovative wellness and educational supports for our children of all abilities.


We cater for a range of diagnosis including autism, global developmental delay, ADHD, ADD and learning delays. 


Autism Awareness

We strive to be a support system for our families by designing individual programs and monitoring our children's progress to to ensure we are on track to meet the set goals.


We believe that if our children are supported early in life, the sky is truly the limit on what they can achieve.

As a one stop shop Therapy Support Clinic, our mission is to provide an environment where our children can thrive, develop new interests and learn about different things. Our early years learning support program will not only focus on our Little Grubb's educational and environmental needs but we will also greatly focus on our children's physical and mental wellbeing. 


At Little Grubbs Orchard, we care about our children and want to make a difference. We share every parents hope that as adults, our children will go onto find a meaningful path in life, regardless how complex their needs may be today. We believe in empowering our children to have a purpose, our children are different, not less.


We want our children to remember us at Little Grubbs Orchard as someone that never gave up on them or their families and always believed in what was possible, everyday.