We first commenced our journey when our son was falling over and not even attempting to catch himself. At our first Paediatrician appointment we talked about Autism Spectrum Disorder. After four months and countless appointments, we finally received a diagnosis of our 3-year-old son, with Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 3 (Non–Verbal) and Global Developmental Delay.

Shortly after, we commenced the specialists recommendation of one (1) visit per week to the OT and one (1) visit per week to the speech pathologist, in addition to commencing a local Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP) program. At the time, my Mother-In-Law was living with us, as I was her carer, and she would attend these appointments with me. As a born and raised English lady, she used to choose her words carefully at the level of effectiveness, she felt this approach would have for Liam.


These services that our son was attending were simply not enough nor where they really catered to his needs or developmental delay. After many conversations with my Mother-In-Law, she explained that she would leave a little money for Liam and that it was important that we start a service to give people access and choice in their ABA journey. She also helped us pay for Liam’s astronomical out-of-pocket ABA therapy tuition because there is no way we could have made it work otherwise.

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Upon her gaining her angel wings, we commenced Little Grubbs Orchard in 2018. I took on a second job (in addition) to be able to pay wages while I used the money she left for the rent and some small fit out to our very first place.

During that time, the NDIS had just commenced, and a lot of our families were struggling to gain financial support, and then Covid-19 hit in 2020, which unfortunately it saw us having to move our clinic. This time upon consultation with our families, we moved it to the front room of our home and provided therapy support services 6 days per week for the whole of 2020. We continued to do this while also keeping up with our kindy, home and school visits for the children that could not come to us. The Little Grubbs Team together, made the executive decision at the end of 2020 to find a commercial premise and that is where we are now at 17 Short Street, Southport.
I believe in our children and their abilities and am extremely passionate about helping our children build a community of support and understanding around them.  
So to digress, Little Grubbs Orchard was established to address the inequity in supports for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in schools and community settings. as Lily found that students, especially autistic individuals, were not receiving quality education and clinical services that they ultimately deserve, and she knew there was a better way.

When Little Grubbs Orchard launched, it began solely as a clinic, providing early intervention and behavioural support therapy. The goal was to offer therapy support services for those who otherwise were unable to get through school or outpatient clinics, especially for those with minimal or no NDIS funding.


As our mission continues we have now established the Little Grubbs Orchard Foundation where our mission is to prioritise children and families within our comunity, utilising funds raised through individual donations, fundraisers and grants to cover costs incurred for families that NDIS would not otherwise cover.