Miss LILY - Clinic Director / Principal Behavioural Support Specialist

Miss Lily is the Founder of 'Little Grubbs Orchard'. As a mother to two beautiful children on the Autism Spectrum, Lily found it challenging to find a program that catered for education requirements while also supporting the mental health and physical development needs of her children.


Although both children have a similar diagnosis their challenges and difficulties were completely different. That is why Lily decided to establish a program for children of all abilities in one place.

Lily is passionate about building a community for our parents and children that will allow everyone to feel supported and cared for. It's not always easy for parents, who have children with additional needs, to find their place in the community. Lily is driven to close this gap and bring more inclusion and a strong sense of belonging to our children through this program.

Lily is striving to help our families create a strong network of support and guidance. Our children are gifted, special, misunderstood; our children are different, not less. 

Lily Grubb

Therapeutic Specialities:

Autism Early Interventionon
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High Needs Support Icon_1.jpg
Sensory Processing & Self Regulation Ico
Social Functioning & School Prep Icon_1.
Self Care & Personal Hygiene Icon_1.jpg
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NDIS Reporting & Support Coordination Ic
Toilet Training & Handwashing Icon_1.jpg
Emotional Support Management & Awareness
Feeding Food Sensitivity & Selective Eat
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