A compassionate Behavioural Support educator with many years of experience working with children with special needs. Miss Lauren has a remarkable ability to quickly establish robust bonds and build strong relationships with all our children she supports. She believes in giving encouragement and emotional support to develop their confidence to take steps to achieve what they are trying to do.


Miss Lauren's teaching philosophy encourages children to develop their own theories about the world, supporting ideas and noting how they change as their knowledge develops. It is through fostering a child's imagination, while also encouraging children to develop their interests and embarking on projects to broaden their thinking.

Miss Lauren is passionate about building a safe environment for our children to express themselves. In a world that is so focused on connecting through words, Megan is focused on guiding support and encouraging our children to forge the very same connection through Art and Music.

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Therapeutic Specialities:

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Speech Pathology Icon_1.jpg
Expressive & Responsive Speech Developme
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Social Functioning & School Prep Icon_1.
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Miss LAUREN -  Behavioural Support Educator