Non-Clinical Based Assisted Therapy & Support

At LGO, we are proud to offer a range of non-clinical behavioural based assisted therapeutic services, that are available to help support your child’s and family needs.


Emotional Support Animal Therapy:


At LGO, we can provide animal-assisted emotional, physical, or social support for your loved ones and family. While pets, guide and service dogs, unfortunately won’t cure autism, there has been copious amount of research suggesting that animal-assisted therapies significantly assist children with Autism, which include:


To better cope with anxiety-related symptoms;

  • Provide comfort managing stressful situations and challenging locations (such as airports, schools or medical appointments);

  • Improve sleep patterns and routines;

  • Recognise and respond to potential seizures that your child could be at risk to;

  • Protect and respond to your child who are likely to elope or wander off and otherwise step into the way of danger;

  • Promote emotional reciprocity;

  • Provide motivation and physical outlets for learning a range of behavioural and practical skills;

  • Increase engagement and positive social interactions with peers; and

  • Overall enhance communication skills.


Play Therapy: Therapeutic play programs aims to teach essential social skills, building upon symbolic thinking and increasing your child's communication skills.


Art Therapy & Crafting: Helping your child build upon their own creativity and imagination in understanding the world.

Music & Sound Therapy

Recreational Therapy: Therapeutic group focused participation in community-based sports and recreational activities.


Socialisation & “Peer-to-Peer” Engagement: Developmental therapy that is intended to assist your child in skill building in communication, language, empathy, emotional & social connection and symbolic thinking.