Parent & Staff Training Support Services

We always strive to involve our Parents in our children's therapy programs as much as possible. Studies across the world have indicated that the key in supporting our children to generalise new learnt skills is our parents.


Throughout the year, training workshops and coaching programs are run to assist our families in turning everyday life and events into learning opportunities for our children.


See the event calendar for more information.


Parenting Strategies

We offer evidence-based parenting strategies to help you support your child in a number of areas such as;


  • Understanding autism spectrum and neuro-developmental conditions

  • Developing your child’s ability to identify and manage emotions

  • Responding to difficult behaviours and meltdowns

  • Building self-esteem, creativity and identity

  • Supporting the development of their special interest

  • Managing changes in routine and change


Behavioural Support Education For Staff / Educator Training Programs

All Educators need support to learn and deliver Early Intervention Programs, whether if they are new to the childcare industry or require professional learning as a refresher.


At LGO, we can assist and support educators and teachers who are based in mainstream schools or childcare centres, by providing quality training packages and workshops, which have been proven to effectively decrease challenging and maladaptive behaviour, whilst enhancing the overall student learning process in classrooms.

We use holistic strategies and approaches that address the root of the maladaptive behaviour, ensuring that every educator can effectively deliver quality education to their children.


Information Sessions

We run parent training sessions whilst the children are engaged in therapy groups, called Early Learning Information, see the events calendar for dates. These are short information sessions on various topics such as communication, sensory processing and supportive strategies for positive outcomes. Topics can also be requested by families prior to the training session.

Our workshops, seminars and webinars are led by highly skilled and passionate Autism Association staff who have been chosen for their expertise in relevant topic areas and their ability to motivate and inspire others. Our collaborative team is includes Supportive Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Pediatric Specialists, Childcare Educators and Training Facilitators from across our services (including our Autism Early Support Services and School Aged Support Services).

Our training delivery is flexible with regular scheduled events over the course of the year. We know from experience and consistent feedback from families that our training events enhance parents’ ability to manage the demands of their role more effectively, and with greater insight and confidence.

Parent Coffee Groups

Each week we run parent coffee mornings. Come along for an informal chat with other families, facilitated by our supportive team members. Check the events calendar for upcoming events, time, date and location. You will share information and engage local community organisations to provide information on local supports services. Groups are currently run in Southport on the Gold Coast and are in extremely high demand so bookings are essential.