Miss NEY NEY - Program Coordinator / Lead Behavioural Support Therapist

With a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and extensive years of experience working in Childcare, Renae has been working with children of all different abilities through her whole career.
Renae is a very caring, supportive and hands on Therapist / Childcare Educator who provides a safe and nurturing environment for the children in order to promote a real sense of belonging.


Renae Zellweger

Therapeutic Specialities:

Renae understands the developmental milestones of each child and is committed to helping them reach their full potential by adapting the way she engages our children in order to be able to teach the same activity in different ways.
Renae believes in the abilities of our children and embraces the richness of diversity that they bring to our program. She believes that children are our greatest teachers and this is why our children find it easy to bond with her as they feel valued and respected.
Autism Early Intervention
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